Orlando in January

Tell me about hitting the theme parks in January. It is supposed to be in the 60s. I can’t begin picture wearing long pants (jeans) on the rides, and such. I guess I’m just summer-centric, as we have never gone in winter before. So, please tell me what to plan on packing. It’d help you to know we’re driving, so suitcase space is no object. OTOH, lugging sweatshirts and jackets, etc around the park sounds like a drag. How do you minimize the schlep factor? Tell me all about it!

It’s never really cold but it does get chilly. Especially at night. We often wore light jackets or hoodies to the parks. The water parks used to close for the season but I guess a lot of them now have heated water. Still too cold to swim IMHO.
Days can still get warm if it’s sunny and shorts can be broken out.

I’ve done December, which is basically the same in that area. Jeans with a wind breaker.

If I remember right, it was warm enough with the sun out to wear shorts. But that kinda depends on how tolerant of cool weather you are. Once the sun went down, I was happy to have jeans. I gave up my jacket for someone else in my party who didn’t have one, because I’m ok with cool weather. I survived.

Last week in Jan, first week in Feb is when we’ve taken all of our Orlando trips.
We love theme parks but hate queues and stupidly hot weather and it is the perfect time to go.

It can be nippy (we’ve had to scrape the car windscreen on one occasion) but normally fairly dry and once the morning chill is over I recall mainly temperatures in the 65-70 range. Perfectly comfortable for shorts and t-shirts but as mentioned up thread, a light jacket that can be dumped in a locker or backpack might be useful.

The slight dip in temperature is worth it for being able to walk onto most rides straightaway.