Orlandopers, Or People Going to Disneyworld Soon

May I ask a favor?

If you’re at Walt Disney World between now and November 8th, can you please pick me up one of these at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival? I think that artwork is all kinds of beautiful, and I want to frame one and put it in my kitchen. I’ll PM you my snail-mail address.

It should be free, since it’s a guide, but if it’s something you have to pay for please post the price in this thread and we’ll talk about how I’ll reimburse you.


Using my one bump.

HeyHomie, in case you haven’t gotten any takers, my wife and I have just finalized plans to head down for the last couple days of the festival. I would be glad to grab an extra guide for you.

One caveat: since it will be a quick 3-night trip, we plan to cram everything we need into a couple small carry-ons. I therefore can make no guarantees regarding the condition in which it’ll arrive.

Another thing you might want to check out: There is a link to a PDF of the entire guide, including the cover, here. If you have a good printer and some quality paper, you can probably print a copy that looks just as good as – or better than – the actual guide itself, which I’m going to guess is printed on cheap, thin glossy stock.

Let me know if you want me to get you one.

I am headed down this Friday. I will try and pick one up for you if I can remember.


Thanks, Wheelz and sleestak. Let me know when you get back and I’ll PM you my snail-mail address.


I asked around about getting one of those posters and was told that they didn’t have any for sale and the only way to get one was to pick one up when the event was over.

Sorry about that.


No prob - thanks!