Orly Taitz gets the judicial smackdown

The key element which makes this a legal whoopin’ is that after finding against Rhodes on one element of her case, and acknowledging that that finding is enough to settle the matter in Obama’s favor, he goes on to find against her on all the other issues.

This is the judicial eqivalent of continuing to run up the score when you’re ahead by 53 points in the fourth quarter.

Taitz certainly destroyed the last guy’s career. Stefan Cook tried and failed to get the often debunked Birther theory ruled on. For his “trouble” he lost his security clearances (I don’t suppose any company would want someone who thinks the President is a fraud and a “usurper” to have top-level security clearances) and so because he needed his security clearances to do his job, he got fired.

It would seem that Capt. Connie Rhodes didn’t keep up on the news about Cook. What kind of person hires a lawyer who gets her clients fired? But Cook was a reservist, filing the lawsuit on his behalf made no difference to his military life, only his personal life. Rhodes is regular military, which means she, unlike Cook, can get a court martial slapped on her ass for this lawsuit. Birthers are really not very smart. Duh.

Wahsuits! I am so stealing that! It won’t be long I’m sure, since Oily is a well-funded batshit insane bitch. Look for it soon: “Oily Titz files yet another Waaaaahsuit.”


Rule 34, right?


I find what Orly wrote on her blog about all this to absolutely special:


FEMA gula…whaaaaa?

Judge Land’s New Order, almost as good as his first opinion, albeit more exasperated.

This is one of the most delusional crazies I’ve heard in a long time.

How do they keep track of all the conspiracies? Oh wait…The Illuminati!!

I love the smell of Rule 11 in the morning.

deep breath

“Although the first amendment may allow Plaintiff’s counsel to make these wild accusations on her blog or in her press conference, the federal courts are reserved for hearing genuine legal disputes and not as a platform for political rhetoric that is disconnected from any legitimate cause of action.”


Gotta love a judge who quotes Yogi Berra in a ruling. Worth noting that Judge Land is a Republican (who served three terms in the Georgia Senate as same) who was appointed by George W. Bush.

You just know he really wanted to italicize the word competent here:

So I’m wondering if this should go in US Government/US History courses a few decades from now. On one hand frivolous and crazy, on the other hand a hilarious end to the school year.

There is something very, very wrong with Taitz referring to her “reasonable attorneys fees”.

Anyone else find it a little ironic that somebody who has repeatedly challenged the legitimacy of the democratically elected head of government is accusing somebody else of treason?

Well, she did go to a really shitty law school, so she’s probably not charging top dollar…

I feel like he is being too hard on her every time he cites a judicial precedent.

Man, talk about running up the score… It’s like he’s kicking a puppy. A really, really crazy puppy. Also a stupid puppy. A crazy, stupid puppy. A yappy, annoying one. With a bad attitude. And lacking even rudimentary house training. Oh, wait… Now I want to kick that puppy, too.

And this bit:

It’s Remedial Civics, Oily… ‘Seperation of powers’ ring any bells?

Not to mention wanting Obama to prove his innocence in order to defend this country’s principles. You know, like “innocent until proven guilty.”

Did this chick even take the citizenship exam?

Judgements usually make for pretty dry reading, but these are downright entertaining. I can only hope Ms. Taitz does not give up the fight in order that there may be more of them.