Ornithologist metamorphoes?

This column:
Bolding mine.
In the first paragraph, Cecil introduces “…George Angehr. George is an **ornithologist **with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama…”.
Then follows a very informative and amusing artilce about the sexual hijinks of a species or two of the lower orders.
Finally, Cecil concludes with “I’m telling you, if you want to make a big hit socially, invite an **entomologist **(or George) to your next dinner party.”
So, had George metamorphoesd, or just presented a second qualification?

Let us ask Colibri.:wink:

I think the point of the joke was that **either **bird poop (ornithologist) **or **caterpillar sex (entomologist) are bizarre dinner-party conversations.

He’s George Angehr? I’ve actually heard of him. I mean, elsewhere. As in “he exists in real life.”

Funny that. One of our own made good, at least if you’re interested in the birds of Panama.

So it **wasn’t **in reference to the ornithologist becoming and entomologist…

So the little bird builds a cocoon and then a caterpillar emerges…? (I was going to say something about the birds and the bees, but I restrained.)

But you still managed to say something about the birds and the bees. :wink:

[sub]You been whoooshed[/sub]