Orphan Black: So which one is your fave? [Pleas no open spoilers for season 2]

[Please no open spoilers for season 2.

So which of the clone do you love the most?]

Beth. Her three seconds of screen time before getting hit by a train won my heart.

Allison Hendrix. Her freaking out trying to handle all this cracks me up. Her rape whistle mace spraying this year was hilarious.

Although I like Sarah and Allison, my choice is Cosima. In fact, I think the girl in this commercial is based on her.

Alison is a stone cold bitch, and that’s why I love to watch her. I wouldn’t want to be married to her though. Or be her neighbor.

THAT’s who that lady reminds me of. You are so right.
It’s close between Allison and Helena. Both so insane, but in different ways.

Allison is the only clone with a drug/gun dealer connection, even though she is totally a suburban housewife. She strikes me as having multiple personalities too, which is way over the top in someone with a bunch of clones with different personalities.

Allison’s my favorite.

The stress of holding her perfect family together while finding out everything that’s been going on is cracking her. I think she will come through all this stronger and more capable than most of the others.