Osbournes 4/9/02

WOW! Was this an awesome episode or WHAT? Truly a mix of crying from laughter and feeling touched by the love of a family.

Some of the best parts were Ozzy running around chasing that cat in the yard. “SHA-RON!”

“There will be NO dope in this house!”

Ozzy and Lola the bulldog snoring on the couch together while a commercial for a ‘no-snore’ product played on tv.

And of course the family sit-down. Truly an example of how even a family as abnormal as the Osbournes wants the best for their kids and to have a bond as a family. When Ozzy said to Jack “Look at me” as an example of what drugs and alcohol can do to you it gave me chills. He obviously doesn’t want his son on the same road he traveled.

In any case, this is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. Give me more Osbournes!

The thing I find a little bit touching is the fact that Ozzie wants his kids to grow up normal. I’m sure there are a lot of folks who would have loved to have a rock star for a father but probably not Ozzie’s kids :slight_smile:

It was a bit odd to hear Kelly say, “We weren’t brought up like other kids.”
As if thats okay then for her to stay out all night.
But I love Ozzy, and the show. My son even watches it with me.
He likes the animals.

I feel kinda bad laughing at this show, because these people are so horribly fucked up. I mean, both of the kids are just seething with unfocused rage. You know that their lives have become utterly unbearable now that the show’s been on; people have to be coming up to the kids at school, in clubs, or wherever, asking them why they’re such dickheads. This is entertainment?

And yet I continue watching, and laughing…

Gawd, I must be getting old. I don’t get it. Is Ozzy suffering from Parkinsons or something? He looks/act horribly. I find the show terribly eye opening, reminding me of my past, but DAMN, I grew out of it…what’s his problem? Those poor kids. Flame me if you want, but I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just PARANOID!!!

Ya hafta remember that Ozzy is one of the original party animals of the 1960’s and 70’s – all that booze, heroin, cocaine, LSD, glue, whatever, exacts a toll, esp. down the road as one ages. He’s a pretty good example of why drug abuse is such a problem.

It was on last night??? Awwww man.

There’s only two shows on TV I actually set time aside to watch–The Job, and The Osbournes. This show just pings the “unintentional comedy meter”, and I can’t really see it working under any other circumstances. I hate reality TV but I really like this show.

Winnie’s right. The scene with Ozzy chasing the cat was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I mean come on, Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness, hobbling around on a broken foot after a cat!

I can’t say that I agree with this. The Osbournes seem like nice people to me. The kids seem no more rage-filled than a lot of teenagers. I was no prize at that age! I look at it this way–like many families, they’re all involved in the family business. Just happens that in this case, the family business happens to be that dad is Ozzy Osbourne! :eek:

I have been waiting for a show that genuinely makes me laugh ever since Seinfeld went off the air.

Finally, I have found it. This show kicks ass.

Move in day - boxes of dishes, towels, being brought in the house. Then another box labeled “devil heads”, and another that says “dead things”. I was crying from laughing so much.

Ozzy and family get pissed because the neighbors are playing music at 2am and keeping them up Heee.

Ozzy quote - “I am supposed to be the Prince of fuckin’ Darkness, I can’t have bubbles in the show.”

Every time Ozzy teases Lola with that fake bulldog I completely lose it

Pat Boone singing “Crazy Train” for the opening theme song is genius

And on and on…

That was pat Boone?
I didn’t even know that was that song!

I cannot let an Ozbournes thread go by with sounding off on the best show on TV. The ep. that started with the family trying to start a vacuum and when it finally does start, Oz is shouting to Sharron to shut it off. I was dying! I can’t even express why this show is funny. I dunno, but it is.


Edlyn and I love the Osbournes. She is a big fan of Sharon, and I think Ozzy is absolutely hillarious. “I cahn’t believe this. I need a fucking computuh just to tuhn on the television.” And then when he tries to turn on the telly, he accidentally starts up the microwave or something and starts hearing loud whistles. The look on his face is hysterically funny. What a show!

I agree with everyone that thinks this show is hilarious. When Ozzie was talking about those bubbles I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard. I also like when when Kelly was trying to tell him something at the table and he told her he couldn’t hear she should write him a note or something. I remember wondering what the hell mtv was thinking when I first heard they were going to do this show. Now I am pretty sure it was pure genius.

Or as he said last week, “the bloody fing Prince of fing darkness”.

The cat scene was priceless.

Ozzy wearing the Lady Marmalade dress, saying, “The things I have to do to make a living”

Off screen, someone pointed out to him that’s he’s a millionaire. So he continued humming happily along with the dressing up.

Things like that makes the show too funny.

The show is hilarious and fascinating,

on the other hand…
Am I really the only one who finds Ozzie kinda sad? I mean, what is UP with that guy?

I don’t think Ozzy is sad. He seems happy to me.

I know a guy who was a roadie for alot of bands, some of which went on tour with Ozzy. He says that they’re even funnier in real life.


I have been a huge fan of Ozzy since I was 12. I don’t have cable now and I am missing the show.

What kills me is that Rosie, that talk show woman, is in love with the show. In her intro she is showing clips of the Osbournes. In fact, she is having Sharon and Kelly on her show next Tuesday.

I think Ozzy is a very lucky man. He did a whole lot of drugs and other stuff but ended up with a family who loves him and he loves them. Is it a normal family? No. But, from what I have seen they care about each other.

Are they wacked out? Yes.

Anyway, Rosie said something along the line of “When I meet Sharon we could become friends and that will be a mess.”

Here’s my take on the Rosie-Osbourne family get together.

Ozzy - “What? Rosie is here? I cannot have that. I am the ‘Prince of Darkness’. Rosie will have bubbles. The ‘Prince of Darkness’ doesn’t do bubbles.”

Sharon - “It is just Rosie Ozzy. Just throw the fruit at her…No Ozzy, not the wood…the fruit.”

Ozzy - “She has bubbles…”

Sharon - “That’s because she is gay.”

Ozzy - “I don’t care if she is happy, she has bubbles.”

Sharon - “Ozzy, change the channel please”

Ozzy - “This Bleeping remote is a bleeping bleep bleep bleeping piecce of bleep. Can I get a normal TV?”.