Oscar ballot: Best Actress

Who would get your vote for Best Actress?


I have only seen 3 of the 5, and even tho I LOVED Hawkins in The Shape of Water, McDormand gives a command performance in 3 Billboards! Ronan also gives a stellar performance, but I didn’t love Lady Bird as much as everyone else seems to have.
So I voted for McDormand.

I just saw The Shape of Water today and can’t stop thinking about it. I loved this movie so much and her acting was impeccable. I’ve see the others except Three Billboards…
I’ve never even heard of that one. I’ll have to watch out for it. The others were not exactly memorable. Not bad performances, but Sally Hawkins was something else.

I’ve liked Sally Hawkins in everything I’ve seen her do; the first time, I think, was as Poppy.

But I have to go with Frances. She’s one of my all-time favorite actresses; ubiquitous and relatively unrecognized like Mary Kay Place was. She deserves it.

Frances McDormand is barely even acting. And what acting she does is helped enormously by the writer.

I’d make her pay to attend.

Three Billboards is brilliant. I can’t stop thinking about it. Frances McDormand is one of my favorite actors and she was phenomenal.

This is a category in which I think every nominee is deserving of recognition for her role in the film, but Sally Hawkins has brought something magical to all of the roles I’ve ever seen her in, starting with Happy Go Lucky.

I’d be happy with McDormand or Hawkins. I think McDormand will win, but despite not loving The Shape of Water that much, Sally Hawkins gave my favorite leading actress performance, and she’d have my vote.

I just watched Three Billboards. Yeah. I don’t think the film itself was that groundbreaking or anything. Sam Rockwell’s character kept taking me right out of the story it was so bad. I love him, I just think the character was cartoonishly stupid and the way his behavior was accepted was too unrealistic but wow. Frances McDormand just became Mildred. I think I liked The Shape of Water more but now I’d say I’d choose McDormand as my favorite.

Yeah, that’s the one I meant before…Poppy was her character.