SDMB Oscar Voting: Best Actress

If you were an Academy member, who would get your vote?

Cate. Not just because she’s the consensus favorite, but also because she was awesome.

I didn’t see Blue Jasmine, but by all accounts, Blanchett was incredible, fully deserves this award, and will almost certainly win it.

I also didn’t see August: Osage County (well, okay, I saw it on stage, but not the movie version). I’m sure Meryl was doin’ her Meryl thing, like she does.

I thought both Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock were great in their roles, but I just don’t quite see Bullock’s performance as Oscar-worthy and I wasn’t as impressed with American Hustle as I wanted to be. So what the heck? I will throw a vote Judi Dench’s way, because … Philomena was a far, far better movie than I expected going in, and she gave a powerful and delightful performance.

Confession: I’ve never been a big Meryl fan. I’ve enjoyed her work, but have never gushed over it like so many do. My wife dragged me to see August: Osage County this year, and I was absolutely blown away by her performance. It was emotionally exhausting watching her character.

But I haven’t seen Blue Jasmine or Philomena.

I haven’t seen August:OC or Philomena. But I’m tired of giving awards to Streep and Dench anyway.

Having said that, I did see Blue Jasmine and it was one of my favorites of the year. In this category I’m with the apparent consensus that the award should go to her.

(As much as I love Amy Adams, I’ve loved her more in other performances. And Sandra Bullock was fine, but Gravity was not about the acting.)

I would vote Blanchett as well.

August: Osage County felt like a stage for Meryl Streep to flex her acting muscles. Still was not better than Blanchett though.

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