SDMB Oscar Voting: Best Original Screenplay

If you were an Academy member, which film would get your vote?


Ouch. Unlike Adapted Screenplay, I saw all and liked all five of these. In fact, this is pretty much a list of my top 5 favorite movies of the year. So it’s really difficult.

Okay I have to do some preening.

I voted for Matthew McConaughey for best actor and Leto will win best supporting (and both deserve it), so DBC doesn’t need my vote here to have a good night.

By the same logic, even though Blue Jasmine may have been my favorite of the year, I already voted for Blanchett and Hawkins in their categories, so I will spread the love around.

Nebraska had a lot of heart, and I thought really captured the feel of the dying small Midwest town. It could have made Bruce Dern’s character a joke, but gave him dignity. It elevated all of the main characters.

her had an original idea and used it to explore how we make and build relationships and our growing relationship with technology. If I had any knock against it it would be that it didn’t completely follow through on some of the ideas it raised.

I loved American Hustle’s humor and dialogue. I never knew from moment to moment where it was going next.

sigh I could almost flip a coin here. I’m going to say this: American Hustle was great, but felt familiar - like other great crime caper comedies. her was wonderfully original but not completely satisfying. On the other hand, Nebraska was a complete story about nice, ordinary people that brought me near tears but smiling at the end. It had the characters I most cared about.

So, I just talked myself into voting for Nebraska.

Oscar Day bump