SDMB Oscar Voting: Best Supporting Actress

If you were an Academy member, who would get your vote?

I’d vote for Jennifer Lawrence, even though I don’t think the voters will want to see her win Oscars two years in a row.


Lupita. Jennifer is a fine actress, but not back-to-back Oscar fine. I enjoyed Amy Adams’ performance more in that film.

I’m going out on a limb and voting for Lupita, even though I haven’t seen her performance yet. Just going by what I’ve heard, she gets my vote.

I lovelovelove Jennifer Lawrence, in so many ways. But her performance isn’t worthy of an Oscar, not this time. Trust me, I’m glad she’s there to walk the red carpet and all …

June Squibb was very good in Nebraska, but again, not quite what I would consider award-worthy. Too bad Will Forte didn’t get more accolades for his role, I think.

I have not seen August: Ossage County.

Of the major categories, this is the toughest for me.

I loved, loved June Squibb in Nebraska. If my vote were purely sentimental she would get it. I also thought J-Law was great in American Hustle; so good that she became the focus of every scene she was in. Lupita was heartbreaking in 12 Years a Slave.

But I’m going out of the box and voting for Sally Hawkins. One, because I loved Blue Jasmine and thought it deserved more recognition overall - and she compared very strongly against Cate Blanchett in every scene in a much less flashy role.

Also, I’ve loved Sally Hawkins since Happy Go Lucky.

Lupita and Jennifer will have other chances.

I voted Lupita even though I haven’t seen all of the performances. For starters it was a great and Oscar worthy performance, but also Matthew Mc. is going to get Best Actor for DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB so there might be guilt over Chiwetel Ejiofor not winning.

Lupita by miles.

Her role was more difficult, and I can’t imagine anyone doing it better.

Oscar Day bump