Oscar Brown Jr.? Does anyone know who he is besides me?

Hey…Oscar Brown Jr. Died. Who the heck is he, you ask? Well, that’s an interesting question. He was an amazingly influential jazz musician, actor, political activist…and somehow, even given my whitebread upbringing, I’m the only person who know who he is.
Someone PLEASE pay hommae to this artist and go download “Forbidden Fruit” or “Mr. Kicks.” There’s no other way to describe them except that they are complete classics. Original, interesting. Ajnd while you’re at it, try out
“Bid 'em in” which is actually disturbing, but as I said…has something to say and is very powerful.

Sometimes I feel like no one properly misses him. Please, prove me wrong!


This is a personal reply on a subject close to my heart and one with which I have more than a passing familiarity.

I’m not gonna argue this with you – and besides, the man is dead – but I will tell you in passing that there are many good reasons why Oscar Brown Jr. is not considered in the great pantheon of jazz artists. MPSIMS is not the place to get into this argument with you.

I am glad you appreciate him – I hope enough to buy his works, as I would hope you would support the work of any artist you admired.

If you wish to discuss this further, please send me an email. TubaDiva@aol.com. Or open a thread in another area, such as Cafe Society – or the Pit.

your humble TubaDiva

Dat Dere is his legacy. A good one at that.

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