Oscar Pick 'Em on Yahoo! Join Now.

I started an Oscar pick 'em on Yahoo! To join, go to http://moviegames.yahoo.com/oscars and choose the “Join a Private Group” option. Enter the following information:

GroupID: 491
password: cecil

Try to include your SDMB user name in your pick set so we all know who’w who. For instance, my picks are names “Joey H’s Grouchy Oscar Picks”.

I hope you all join! There are lots of spaces available. Newbies welcome!

If you’re a trained monkey (and I know many of you are), you have a pretty good chance of winning this right now. There are only three of us signed up, but boy-oh-boy would we love to have more!

Sign up now!

Well, I can’t see everyone else’s picks? That sorta sucks. I wanted to see what everyone picked. I guess I have to wait until Oscar Night. :frowning: