Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain...........and Weirddave?

I am absolutely stunned, floored, bedazzled and immensely honored. I post to another online message board at times. One of the posters there is a professor a Big Ten University. She contacted my by e-mail asking my permission to use one of my posts in a class she teaches on wit in writing. I replied that I would be honored, and said that it was probobly a good example for the students on what not to do. She replied: “Nope, you are pretty much an example of what to do. These kids sort of don’t have an eye for how to be witty in print, and your thingie pretty much is exemplary of what I want them to be able to do and to
look for.”
After noting that the phrase “your thingie pretty much is exemplary” would make one hell of a sig line, I gave permission again for her to use my posts in anyway she saw fit. I consider it a tremendous honor to be held up as an example, frankly one that comes as a complete suprise to me. “Be like Weirddave”?? The mind just boggles.

So where can we read this post?

With apologies to Gatorade . . .

*Sometimes I dream
That he is me
You’ve got to see that’s how I dream to be
I dream of wit, I dream of tits
Like Dave
If I could Be Weirddave
Like Dave
Oh, if I could Be Weirddave
Be Weirddave, Be Weirddave

Again I post
Must say the most
For just one day if I could
Be that way
I dream of wit
I dream of tits
Like Dave
If I could Be Weirddave

I wanna be, I wanna be
Like Dave
Oh, if I could Be Weirddave*

Hell, it’s 4:30 and I just wrote a five-page paper on point of view in chapter 7 of “Dubliners.” If you want something better try me tomorrow:D

[/obvious and pathetic attempt at boosting post count]

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW! sound of cat being booted off thread

They’re using Weirddave as an example? They must be writing tragedies. :smiley:

Your turn will come, SPOOFE. Next semester it’s horror stories. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it isn’t toothpaste stories:D