Osprey have returned!

The first pair arrived a couple of days ago with Oyster catchers showing up a few weeks before that. These big birds are remarkably (in my mind) consistent. Within two or three days of the equinox the first ones arrive after travelling from as far away as Venezuela. 30 years ago Osprey were still pretty rare along the NJ coast. Last fall before the migration I counted 21 perched on their man-made nest platforms along a 2 mile stretch of road. Spring has sprung!

Back when I was growing up March 22nd was considered Osprey Return Day on the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay, Sotheby’s timing still appears right for you too.

We have them here, also. We saw a few on a birding expedition about a month ago. I also spotted a Cooper’s Hawk, which made me a hero for about five minutes.