Return of the Osprey -Spring has sprung!

I saw my first one on March 17 - the earliest by about a week since I’ve been keeping track. A couple of weeks before that, the first pair of Oystercatchers showed up. Almost time to get the boat back in the water!

I’ll take more of this!

Ours {NE FL} are year round residents. We’ve had a pair nesting on top of a light pole for 8 years now {will occ. see them in the offseason}, 5 chicks have made it fledgling status, at least two of which I likely saw in subsequent years (when they approached and even landed on the nest w/o the parents attacking either).

Now 4 miles away another pair has made a nest on top of a similar light pole; would bet sunfish to sardines that one of them is the offspring of our work pair.

Parked at the nest today to top off my larder-and parked next to a car with a UNF mascot (yes their school mascot is an osprey).

Underneath it simply said “Grandparent.”