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Yes, I have been visiting other boards again. And where do you hang out if not here?

I came back to here tonight as soon as I realized I was the only one posting at the other board. It was 3 AM there. I’ll have to have a very slow discussion with those folks. The stupid board requires you to post under your real name! They check if your SS number is real.If not, they delete you.

I do one Yahoo board, because I can get there at lunch time.

Other boards? I have no idea what you mean…

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There are no other boards! This nonsense is revolutionary rubbish! Loyalty to the board is punishable by death! Figuratively speaking.

Your Humble,

Seriously, I’ve had bad luck with boards.
A great combination with intelligent people and easy software is unheard of.
Please, share, if you know of any.

JMcC, San Francisco
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They ask for your real name and social security number? Sounds sketchy to me.

No other boards, but I do go to a few Usenet newsgroups daily. These include:


Yer pal,

slashdots chats on slashdot.org

Among the rabble, some rather insightful discussions on tech today.

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There is a great list of people & their SS nbrs online all the time. Use one of those.

I am primarily a poster on another board, but I really like it here too. My main board is forum.arstechnica.com full of real computer nerds (myself included). Feel free to come by and visit. The Lounge is that boards version of MPSIMS. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to set up an overclocked dual celeron board, this is the site to go to.

I was a reg @ www.hardwarecentral.com (also UBB) until I found this place. I lurk the two SD usenet groups, but rarely post - I’m spoiled by UBB - newsgroups are definitely an acquired taste.


What type of board are you looking for?

Yeah, I have grown attached to UBB. It really works well. Easy to get around in it. And, easy to read threads.


beatle: newsgroups work, barely, through www.deja.com
Deja sends you e mail about replies, if you wish
I started a thread that got 20 replies on “annoying artists in (certain country)”
I found out most people posting there are about 15, so you can’t bring up stuff they couldn’t remember

the people posting at Beatle(s) newsgroups, if you want to know, are boring people discussing minutia (trivia)

I used to be fairly active on the snopes board, but the ratio of fifteen year olds to adults got too high (Some fifteen year olds are fine. A majority is troublesome). Then all my favorite people left, and I came over here.

I think I’ve been spoiled by UBB.
Plus my browser is crap.
I hate the software in which each single response is on its own page. Imagine trying to read Guy Stuff, response by response.
UBB’s great, except for all the stuff that doesn’t work. (Huh?)

I usually only post on one other board. It isn’t very busy, and I can usually catch up with everything inside of ten minutes. This is a good thing, since it uses the “Inside the Web” format, and you can only read one posting at a time.

Also, I like to go over to the official Nine Inch Nails board and troll. Those kids are so touchy over there… heh heh heh.

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handy, are you talking about those sites listing dead people with their SS #'s?

I’ve been turned on by one board in the old country. Actually very nice software. So I have to talk to those people in the morning. You will have to wait till evening for more of my blunt remarks today.
Anybody recognize this software for a board: http://njet.net/njet/forum/area.phtml?area=3

The format of this here board is my favorite. And so are the people.

I frequent the beginning runners board at www.newrunner.com

And every once in a while I’m on http://boards.oprah.com/

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