OTHER people's blunders on the job

The carpenter I used to work with, who was an old-world German, frequently lectured me on paying attention to what I was doing when we were at a worksite. One time after thus admonishing me, he stepped off a ladder and plunked one foot into a bucket of plaster. And I never let him hear the end of it.
Another time he had rigged up a cable ratchet to two boards bolted through the end of a carpet, that had been cemented to a concrete floor in an abandoned store, in order to pull it up. He had earlier told me “I’m going to get back at you” after I had startled him by approaching and speaking to him; he jumped and got angry with me. Well, when he tightened the cable to pull the carpet up, part of the ratchet snapped loose and came at me like a bullet, missing my head by two feet! I could have been seriously injured.
I turned to him and asked,“Are we even now?”
He admitted we were. We found another way to pull up the carpeting.
Dopers, please post here YOUR experiences of someone else–including your own immediate superior–who screwed up or just goofed up something at work.

Here is a couple.
Several years ago when the company I work for was a lot smaller, the owner took a large order and when he wrote up the specs he added one extra digit to the number series.( printed forms with a unique serial number added on the press )
Job was worth big bucks and rerunning the job for free almost broke the company.

The weekend shift foreman setup a large job on the press I operate and gives me the instruction " When you get to ply#X just lower the handle, the perforation is set,I’ve checked it and that is what the customer wants."
Wrong, it was discovered the next morning that the customer wanted a microperf (clean edge) not a standard pref.
My whole nights production is bad.($5000+)
To make it worse they tried to blame me for it but I had a witness to his giving me the instructions.

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" I Wonder What Happens When I push THIS Button? "

My immediate supervisor locked herself out of a lab that she wasn’t even supposed to be in today, and had to come to me to get my keys so she could get back in to get her own.

When I was working at an auto auction, we had a rule that said that you couldn’t play the radio while you were driving- ever. Naturally, this rule went completely disregarded and unenforced. Until one day. One of the detailers started a car, and turned up the radio nice and loud. This prevented him from hearing the engine revving due to the fact that the accelerator was stuck. He shifts it into drive… VRRROOOOOM!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH!!! KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!! There was now a car embedded in the wall of the detail shop. He went to the hospital, we had to eat the cost of the car, and the radio rule was much more strictly enforced from then on.

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