Working with someone who really botched it up

I used to work with a carpenter who was old-world German and, with his jaundiced view of Americans, constantly berated me for some mistake I made. One time, just after reproaching me for not paying attention to what I was doing, he stepped off a ladder–plunking one foot into a bucket of wet plaster! I never let him forget it, either. :smiley:
On the guard job at LACOE, one replacement guard–whom I was to relieve at 4 pm on a Saturday–was so stupid and incompetent I wondered how he knew how to start his vehicle and go to work. When I got there several alarms were tripped. He was nowhere to be seen and one sounded as I approached the desk; I called the alarm company to explain. I never saw him again.
Another time a guard in the annex down the street called–and I could hear the alarm there wailing. He was Vietnamese and couldn’t understand enough English for me to tell him how to stop it.
Post here something someone you worked with did, to make you wonder if he needed a license to be that stupid!!