OUCH! My tongue!

I’m pretty pissed! My tongue is always getting damaged. No matter what I do, I end up the tastbuds that are hurt and swollen…(the ones you get after you bite or burn your tongue). It’s an everyday thing, and no matter how careful I am… the mother still hurts in numerous bud placements. Anyway, any idea what to do? Any remedies that will help? Most importantly, anything I can do to help my current pain?

Less, but still, importantly:

Do I just have a sensitive tongue? I have VERY good oral hygiene, (Jean says “hi” back by the way)… could this be a problemb?

It’s getting to me, and before I put Scooby-Doo on the case, I’ll try you good people. BTW, my tongue is not… umm, …um, -“Sexually active”. My tongue, um… well, it’s waiting for the right gal. It’s a bit of a prude. So it’s not anything that was transmited that way. Oh man, that quite nasty… Sorry about that folks.