Check out this photo. Unfortunately, I was eating lunch when I saw this–it’s not gross, just extremely distressing.

Hey, sometimes the bull wins…

Eeeeewwww!! That is distressing! Pink socks! What was that guy thinking?! :slight_smile:

Hey if we go by score though, I give the bull 1 stick and the bull-fighter 3. If it was horseshoes he would have won.

Sorry, I can’t feel any pity for the guy. Is he dead yet?

Interesting tidbit to add: Apparently, the bullfighter in the photo is the same one who was in a couple of Madonna’s videos.

Don’t know how he made out after his tangle with El Toro. FTR, I think bullfighting is horrible.

A little lower and that guy’d be singing soprano! :slight_smile:

No no, where was that guy shopping?? I wanna get me a pair!