Ow, fucking OW!

I was taking the trash out a little while ago and the bag banged against my leg. Ow, I thought, that hurt. I didn’t bother looking down.

I got back in the house and did look down; blood was streaming down my leg. Evidently, there was something really, really sharp sticking out of the bag. I have no idea what it was. The bleeding is beginning to stop, but ohmygod, now it hurts! It looks like it punctured, then ripped downward.

Getting ready to go see if I have bandages big enough for it.

This isn’t how I wanted to spend my Saturday afternoon, :mad:

No fun! Hope it heals quickly!

Maybe it was a syringe some evil person put in your garbage for the sole purpose of giving you “the AIDS.” They do that you know, they put AIDS infected syringes in coin returns and the like to give you “the AIDS.”


YOW! I feel your pain – pretty much literally. Last night I was washing dishes, got to the end, and decided I didn’t feel like washing all the silverware and utensils in the bottom of the sink. Went to scoop them out and put them on the counter for later and OUCH! Something sharp – what the? I’m religious about not putting knives and such into dishwater. Drained the sink and found the lid from a cat food can that had somehow gotten in there. Nice slice next to the fingernail on my left ring finger.

The tip of my finger still hurts like a bastard, it’s a pain in the ass to type without it, and I found out this afternoon that it even hurts to applaud.

LOL MarkXXX… They would have had to have really been determined, to have broken into my house, made their way past my 4 killer guard dogs (well, not really) and planted that needle in my garbage. Besides, it would have had to be one HELL of a needle, from the size of the gack it left.

Eep, Scarlett! cuts from can lids suck… I once cut the web between thumb and forefinger to the bone on one… you could actually look ointo the cut and see the workings of the tendons & such.
So far there is no swelling or redness around the cut… it kinda worries me because, well, it was from GARBGE, and there’s GERMS in there. But I guess so long as it’s not going septic on me or anything, I’ll live.

When I was small, my mom took the trash out of the can in the kitchen and set the bag down just long enough to get her shoes on to take it out. By sheer bad coincidence, my little brother came dashing around the corner at that moment, stepped on the very edge of the bag, and sliced open his foot on the lid of a can. Had to go to the hospital for stitches that time.

Yeah, sharp stuff in garbage bags is dangerous!

That happened to a friend last year. She served up some spaghetti on an antique platter. Right after dinner we had to run out to do some stuff. When we got back, we’d found that her dog pulled the platter off of the counter. It broke into about 5 peices. She put the pieces into a trash bag. One pokey bit put a 3 inch cut into her thigh. It bled for about an hour. To the best of my knowledge, she still has a scar.