Dammit. So I’m sitting here waiting for a few SDMB threads to load and I start to fidget with my pocket knife. When I start to fidget my hands operate pretty much independently from any sort of central control so basically I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. There happened to be a plastic bottle cap sitting on my desk and as that was the only thing within reach that would OK to destroy with the knife I start trying to cut it in half. I keep the knife I was playing with very very sharp so it was easy work cutting through the thick plastic, a little too easy as it turns out. I sliced right through the cap and into the tip of my right ring finger. The angle of the cut was such that it is both horizontal and vertical (holding my hand up facing my palm the cut looks like an upside down ‘L’) about 2cm total length.

Fortunately this FunkySpaceCowboy knows quite a bit of first aid and has plenty of experience patching accidental, self inflicted knife wounds. This one was a bleeder too, took about 15 minutes of direct pressure with a paper towel (handier than gauze) with my hand elevated over my head before it finally stopped. That makes this one my third bloodiest, self inflicted knife wound ever. I can’t tell yet if it will leave a scar or not.

Maybe I should find something else to fidget with when waiting impatiently for things…

PS - please forgive any typos, it’s rather difficult to type with this bandage on, in fact it’s starting to hurt again so I’m going to lay off the keyboard for a while so it doesn’t start bleeding again.

Does NERF make foam knives?

While they wouldn’t be very useful for the times I actually need a sharp knife a special line of NERF knives just for fidgeters might not be such a bad idea.

And you could do that cool hand trick like in Aliens without fear of being cut to scheissenhausen.

I like to find bundles of nerves on my body and press them. As of yet I have not discovered the touch of death, but when I find this dreaded point I will be a God among men.

Uhm, but since you press the nerve bundles on your own body won’t you die when you discover the touch of death?

No because I’ll become a God… duh…

Most of my injuries of that nature involve extremely hot hotmelt glue. My friend has stopped asking me “Doesn’t that hurt?!?” when we’re building stuff.

BTW, you ever do this at work? Us younger folk went on a camping trip on my first job; I was desperate to try out my new block of magnesium fire starter, and ended up nicking myself. All females present were shocked at the sight, and apparently now regard me as reckless and dangerous with sharp implements. :wink:

Regarding the fidgiting, my co-worker brings in stuff 'specially for that. Not for himself, but for his visitors, as he finds that otherwise they steal his stapler and pens and end up making a mess. :smiley: