Ouija board...harmeless toy?...or not?

Is a Ouija Board a harmeless toy by Parker Brothers?..or a dark tool best not messed with?

I have no opinion whatsoever…I’ve heard it described both ways.

Contestant #3

I spelled harmless wrong…

Contestant #3

Here’s why it might not be a harmless toy.

Once I heard a story of a coupla kids at school using a Ouija board (I went to a real pinko school where they allowed such diabolism). The girl wanted to move the little pointer to say that an apocalypse was coming, the boy wanted to using it to reveal that he had a crush on the girl. It ended up saying that an apocalypse was coming, and the boy took that to mean the girl didn’t share his feelings.

I don’t know if I believe it though.

One real danger of the Ouija board is that your girlfriend, Brenda, will put a blindfold on you, put your hands on the board, and ask you “Whom do you love?”, and then you’ll get all nervous and really try to edge the pointer to where you thought the “B” was (so’s you can spell Brenda’s name), but you accidentally move it to the “T”, whereupon Brenda screams, “You have a crush on Tina, that slut down at the health club, don’t you!!!,” and then she’ll move out of your apartment in a big huff and you’ll never know the touch of a woman again.

Not that I’m bitter.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

It’s an evil tool of Satan.

And as a Hasbro (who owns Parker Bros.) stockholder, I encourage everybody to go out and buy as many copies as they can to keep them out of the hands of impressionable youngsters.

Ah, the Ouija board…

Back in high school, we were playing with it in a darkened room. Our friend Jennifer asked if she could talk to her recently deceased grandfather. So I moved the thing to spell out “Hello Jennifer”.

Some people have no sense of humor…

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

tracer, just had to tell you I laughed and laughed at that.

I sill have the giggles. Thanks.


Thanks, Trisha, but I can’t take credit for it. I got it from a Usenet article on the dangers of Ouija boards that was SO bad someone decided to give it the Myatery Science Theater 3000 treatment (!). The MSTing is over on http://pinky.wtower.com/mst3k/cgi/mstdisplay.pl/ouija_boards.BF.txt?htmlmode=on&filename=ouija_boards.BF.txt .

And, of course, there is no such thing as a “Myatery” – it should be spelled “Mystery”. Darned typos.

David B:

I did not create the Ouija Board.

I do like to move the thing around from time to time. Like when HubZilla was playing with it and I spelled out “Hello Jennifer”…

Yer pal,

I know a kid that got a nasty infection when he pricked his finger on that pointy needle thing. Harmless? I think not.

I played around with a ouija board once. Me, my sister and some friends were playing around with it. When I tried it with a friend of my sister, this girl swore I was pushing it, I swore she was pulling the pointer. I really don’t know what was happening.

Anyways, something happened later on when I wasn’t around and now my sister doesn’t even want a ouija board around. The things terrify her and she won’t tell me why.

But anyways, there are several stories in my mom’s family about strange things with ouija boards. Of course, my grandmother supposedly knew some witchcraft but that’s a different story.

“Is an Ouija Board a harmless toy by Parker Brothers?..or a dark tool best not messed with?”

I think it is. Yes. Definately.

You are unique - Just like everyone else.

The first couple times I tried it, everybody sat around touching it and the damn thing didn’t move.

Since then, I move it. The hard part is thinking of something sufficiently spooky with just enough of an edge of believability every time. The risk is being too witty and having someone figure out your role in the deal.

I will tell you a tale my mother told me about the Ouija boards. She tends to use them a lot! with one of my crazy aunts and some friend of hers.

She and my aunt (Mary Ann) were playing with the thing as always…they have a special friend of theirs through the board that talks with them supposedly. Hah. Ahem. My dad came in and mocked it, then…left. Unbeknownst to my mom and my aunt, he went upstairs to go to the bathroom.

The board then spelled out to the gals “ROSS ICUP”. Get it? “I see you pee”. Dad’s name is Ross. When dad came back downstairs, they told him what it spelled out, he said he had just went upstairs to go to the restroom, and Mary Ann figured out that it was “I see you pee”.

I don’t know the truth to this. Just…regaling y’all.

Snappy, The Crazy Toddite - Friend of Skippy

Ouija boards are, in and of themselves, harmless, and no more evil than the Magic 8-ball. They become dangerous only when used by psychopaths, who take them too seriously, and start to use the Ouija boards to justify evil things they were already predisposed to do.

Harmless toy, definitely.

If it were a creation of Satan, considering where I’m located, I at least should be able to get some decent music out of it. :wink:

I used one once.It said go look in the mailbox. So I did,and there was nothing there! :slight_smile: some joke!Actually,I Do think it’s evil.

The last time I used it, a potential new girlfriend was asking it secret questions and then the two of us would move it around. For something that’s supposed to just “drift”, she was pushing it awfully strongly toward “Yes” or “No” depending on what question she asked. I think she was just pointing it at the answer she wanted to hear.

If I had known what questions she was asking in which order, I would’ve much more forcefully “influenced” the pointer toward “Yes” when she asked “Should I boink him?”. :wink:

Numerous studies have linked ouija boards with brain rot. With me they merely cause nauseum.