Our Cat is Dying

It’s only been six months since we lost Midnight, our cat of 15 years, and now Clarence, our Big Tough Jock with one eye, is fading fast. Only a wek ago he was normal, jumping up on our bed and sleeping with us, but now he can barely drag himself around. He spends all his time sleeping on a cool flor, and has been finding new hiding places to disappear into. Last night he laboriously dragged himself upstairs, but this morning he could barely move. Pepper’s taking him into the vet’s.

I’m sorry to hear that, Cal. Our Patches just passed away a few months back at the age of 13. 15 is a good age for a kitty, and I’m sure Clarence has had the best life possible – but let’s hope he pulls through and it just turns out to be some temporary thing.

Fingers & toes crossed.

Make positive waves. You have my best wishes.

Sending healing kitty purrs your way.

Tobermory, Vladimir, and Atilla send best wishes.

Sorry for your cat :frowning:

I’m sorry. I hope the vet can help him.

Poor kitty. Here are some extra scritchies:


:frowning: Aww. Poor kitty.

I’m sorry. I know how hard this is.

Coincidentally, yesterday I met a friend’s cat by the name of Clarence. A good fellow, very friendly.

:frowning: Sorry to hear about your loved kitties.

Clarence died on the way to the vet’s

Thanks for all the good thoughts. Clarence had been having heart murmurs and high blood pressure (Pepper Mill was giving him pills daily, which he hated), so I suppose it’s not so surprising. But he was jumping up on windows and sleeping in our bed with us and bullying the other cats away from the food* just a week or so ago. It’s amazing how rapidly he declined.
We had him for eight years, and he was a couple of years old then. He’d been found in the back yard of some 90 year old guy, severely broken up by a fight with something bigger than him – another cat, or a dog, or a raccoon, or a car, maybe. His skull was fractured and one eye was beyonf saving. The Animal Rescue people patched him back together and tried to get him adopted. I saw him at a showing, but we weren’t able to take any cats back then. A week or two later we went to select a cat to take the place of our departed Maggie, and found him still there. Even though we’d already picked out a 6 month old kitten, I insisted on bringing Clarence** home. He’s the most tolerant cat I’ve ever met, and he let MilliCal pick him up (awkwardly) and drag him from room to room. He was gregarious, and always greeted [eople. This made my father like him. He because a big favorite with the Jehovah’s Witnesses who stop by, and he looked forward to their visits. (JWs converted my cat!). He kept trying to roughouse with our other cats, Midnight (who hated it) and Lotta (who we picked up at the same time as him). When we got the kittemn Hestia, she immediately play-attacjed him, even though he had to outweigh her by a factor of ten (like Midnight, Clarence is mostly Maine Coon, and big).
But he’s gone now, and we’ll all miss him. Pepper Mill says that Lotta and Hestia came up during the day and sniffed at Clarence, as if to say Goodbye. The JWs will miss him. I washed his food bowl for the last time tonight.
*I don’t think it was malicious. Clarence just didn’t think about anyone but himself. He could be a pig that way.

** I’ll bet they named him Clarence the One-Eyed Lion, after Clarence the Croos-Eyed Lion on the 1960s TV show, Daktari. But I never asked. His picyure appeared in their newsletter right after we adopted him.

Awww, so sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great cat.


Cal I’m sorry to hear about Clarence. :frowning:

I’m sorry. We just lost three cats within 15 months–it’s hard.

I’m so sorry for your loss, Cal.

Sorry, Cal.

My best to the clan.

My condolences.

We lost our Misty to nasal cancer back in January. I know what you’re going through, and it’s never easy. As trite as it sounds, my thoughts are with you. I’m so very sorry.

Sad you lost your good old kitteh. Give the rest big pettin’s that you would have given him.