Our cleaning lady just swore!

My family hired some cleaning ladies from a service. They were from Poland, and can’t speak English. So far, I have heard them say hello and bye. Until today. She was near the stairs and I guess dropped the mop down the stairs. I heard clattering, and then suddenly I heard her yell, “SHIT!”

That’s Polish for “Golly!”

That used to happen all the time when we had a cleaning lady.

Of course, we often shit on the stairs.


A lot of people with other native tongues swear in English. It just feels “right” somehow. Plus you can learn it easily by watching American films.

When someone tells me to shit I just ask them how high?

That’s what I’d say in the same situation, can’t blame her. :slight_smile:

I love you, Lieu!

Swear words are usually short and simple. They are some of the easiest words to learn when learning a new language. Most of the Greek I know (which I picked up from my Uncle’s restaurant) can’t be used in polite company.

The cleaning lady at work told me today that she thinks I drink too much Diet Coke because the only thing she ever finds in my trash can are diet coke cans or bottles. I tried to tell her that I have two a day – one at lunch and one in the evening and the daily can she finds in there is what I didn’t finish at lunch. Then I realized I was defending myself to someone who randomly passed a snap judgment without the luxury of having any facts at all. So I thanked her for her advice to drink more water and juice.

There are not enough roll-eye smileys for that story.

I’d be more entertained if she’d just swear.

The best today. Comic timing and everything!

Thank you!


You have one lucky cleaning lady! Ours always complains because someone in my house re-routed the toilet plumbing to go under the staircase, where we have a drain for the liquid to go through, so all the poo accumulates under the stairs… :devious: Seems like every time she walks by, it’s “Vat iz dat smell?” snicker snicker

She has good english already, though (not counting the swedish accent)

Whaddya mean :devious: isn’t a smiley???

Only in some browsers. Or were you trying to spell :dubious: ?

:eek: You have piles of poo accumulating under the stairs? :dubious: Now that’s just icky! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously! For crying out loud, man, have some standards!


It used to be out in the open, but she kept noticing and cleaning it up.