Our first baby girl due date is this weekend

We’re at 39 weeks (give or take). Full effacement. Mrs. Flag is ready to be done with pregnancy forever.

The bags are packed. The nursery is stocked. The house is mostly clean. There’s gas in the tank. Still have to install the car seat though.

The countdown is on.

There was a thread around here about profound first words to a newborn, but I haven’t come up with any.

It’s an odd emotional blend of :eek: :smiley: :eek: :smiley:

Congratulations!! I hope you love the hell out of her :smiley:

Congratulations. Post pictures when you get a chance.

Girls are great! That’s why I have 3

Don’t worry about “profound first words” — I can almost guarantee that whatever you may plan on saying will be almost but not quite entirely unlike what you will say. In my case, both times I was too awe-stricken at this wrinkly, incensed creature who nevertheless managed to wrap me around her little finger the moment she arrived (or in the case of the Elder Ottlet, even before; but that’s another story).

I recommend basking in the moment; you’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk later. In the meantime, congratulations to both of you, and best wishes for an uneventful birth and a healthy baby.

(Oh, and I think you left out a couple of :confused::confused:s.)

I just said “Hi there…nice to meet you”.

Congratulations – here’s hoping for an easy entry into the world!

Thanks all!

My mom had 3 boys. My two brothers have 2 girls each. Now I’m having a girl. How strange is that?

I said, “Are his feet on forward?”
I’m at 39 weeks tomorrow, and we’re in the same boat, except we have a toddler who is making the waiting-time busy. No idea what my dilation/effacement is like, but I’m tired of being pregnant. Any minute now, kiddo.

Sending out a wish for a safe and easy delivery.

Lissla and Mrs. Bearflag are in a three-way heat with my son’s fiancee. It’ll be fun to see which baby arrives first! Good luck to all of y’all. :slight_smile:

Thanks! My neighbor down the street has the same due date we do.

Just looked this up…

mucus plug – eeeww!

Car seat installed. Ready to go. Now all we need are some contractions.

Not to scare you, but I went to 41 weeks, 3 days with my youngest. Then my water broke. But I never went into labor. I ended up with a c-section.

Some babies just like the womb better. I hope you wife delivers soon and safely. I want pictures!

Geez, I’ve heard of them, but I’ve never seen one. How fascinatingly disgusting!

Crossing fingers for you guys. It will happen. I promise. No matter how long it might seem like.

I had the same as torie. Exact same thing. Waters broke, no contractions, inducing and nothing happened, c-section. At 41 weeks.

Hoping for a regular delivery this time.

Bearflag70, I hope things go very well for you, your wife, and the baby. I haven’t had kids yet, but I imagine I’d say something along the lines of “there you are” or “I’ve been waiting so long to meet you” :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen one either, and now that I have I can’t decide if it looks more like a slug or an oyster.

Congratulations! It’s going to be a fun time! Our baby son is just over three months old.

My first words to him were singing “Happy Birthday”

Here’s hoping for the best.

As the father of a daughter…your life will never be the same. But it will be better.

Hey, count me in too - I’m due a week on Wednesday! Could come early.

I’ll have to tell my husband that along with worrying about the whole labour, delivery, birth stuff, he now has to come up with something clever to say to Junior when he pops out! This birth stuff is complimacated!

Well? Well?
I know, babies come in their own sweet time. :wink: I hope Mrs. Bearflag and Lissla are busy laboring away…and I hope everything goes smooth and easy.