'Our Gang' actor Samuel Kilunk rare autograph on ebay!

Auction. Actually, the Rascal in question is Leonard Kibrick, Woim’s older brother, probably best known for losing his pucker as Tommy (later Butch) was eating a lemon at the talent show featuring the “International Silver String Submarine Band.”

First of all - fascinating; thank you for sharing that link.

Now - how come this is so rare? The listing has a miles-long description and Our Gang history; can you cut to the chase and 'splain why this is cool in Our Gang-land? How much do you think it will go for?

What makes it worth $375?

A) Eh. . . weak stab at humor. Since there wasn’t a Rascal “Samuel Kilunk” other than in the seller’s misinterpretation of Kibrick’s handwriting, an autograph by him is definitely rare.
B) Nothing other than the chuckles Rascal fans get at the misinterpretation.
C) I’d be surprised if it sells at all. I think that the elder Kibrick was such a minor character that there’s not a lot of demand.

That, my friend, is some insider humor.

Thank you for the clue.