Outlook 2003 Help Please!


I have been asked to create a signature for all work emails.

I have created a nice simple design which incorporates 3 small images beneath the company address. A company logo (hyperlinked to our website) A twitter logo (to twitter) and a facebook logo (to facebook)

I have done some tests and all seems fine.

I have just been alerted that people in my office just get ‘red X’ in the upper left corner of the where the image should be.

As far as I can see its only people in my office not anyone externally.

Whats even stranger is that one guy in the office gets 2 images fine and one image with a red X!

When I forward them an email my sig comes through fine!
Im sure its a setting but I can not find where it is.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

We had this issue a long time ago and IIRC it was related to the fact that the email server rules were set to strip image files out of the body section of incoming emails.

There was another scenario where the images were not created quite correctly and would only show on certain PCs. THis link may have some tips on that.