Outlook Express - Multiple E-mail Bug

A friend of mine recently mentioned that every time I send them an email, it shows up in their inbox twice. Apparently this has been happening for several months. I used to be able to send them files up to 5 meg (yes, broadband rocks!) but lately, if I send anything over 2.5 meg, it won’t make it through because they are getting it twice, which exceeds their email size limit or something to that effect.

I’m assuming that it is a problem on their end because none of my other friends have recieved multiple emails from me. I’ve never heard of this problem before. Anyhow, I’d like to find a way to resolve this.

Any suggestions? Does it sound like a problem on their end or mine?

We are both using WinXP, I use OE, they are using Outlook or Outlook Express (not sure which). They are using comcast, I am using comcast for ISP and Xmission for Email.

It’s their ISP/POP server, most likely. Or it’s something set in their email software a-la “Leave Mail On Server”.

Just happened to a friend of mine. It’s a problem on your end.

  1. Go to OE.
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Click Mail
    Chances are you have 2 accounts there. Delete one of them (I’d leave the default one).

I have this problem sometimes when I retrieve email from Hotmail’s server, using OE. It usually happens when their servers are running slow.

I’ve had this problem to. What’s really strange is: Let’s say I get 5 e-mails, my in box will show 10 (two of each). I then highlight all the e-mails and move to the deleted folder. But only half of them will move. 1 copy of each will move and I’m left with 5 e-mails. So then I have to highlight all of those and move them again. Really strange.

This is a known glitch with OE and, IIRC, only the Hotmail account and not the POP3 accounts. Also, IIRC, it happens only when you start OE and download, not the following times. It used to happen to me but has not happened in some months now so I assume it has been corrected by some later patch.

Tell your friend to update her IE-OE and the problem should go away.