Outlook oddities

We use Outlook 2000 (Office 2000 Small Business Edition) on Windows 98 at home, and have experienced two rather strange oddities with it - I am hoping someone will be able to shed some light on either or both of them:[ol][li]We do a lot of our personal correspondence by distribution lists, and for some of them, people have mentioned that they get two copies of the message being delivered, every time we send to the list. They are definitely only entered once each in the list.In our address book in Outlook, one of the fields that we show on the front screen is the Mobile telephone number - however, most of the time, this field appears blank, even if there is a Mobile number entered. If you open the record of a person with a Mobile phone number entered and then close it, the Mobile number will appear on the front screen for a few seconds and then vanish.[/ol]Any suggestions?[/li]

No-one? :frowning:

Not I. Though I hate it. But how about fonts in HTML mail suddenly getting bigger for no apparent reason.

If you’re running antivirus software, try turning off virus-scanning for outgoing emails. Norton has been known to send out duplicate copies. Otherwise, have you updated Office to Service Pack 3? The problems may have been fixed by a patch. (Don’t install any service packs if you used a serial number off the web, as they include a stringent anti-piracy mechanism)