Outlook express new mail notification icon in tray - how?

OK I looked and just can’t find out how to make it work. On one computer when I get a new email a icon shows up in the icon tray (near the clock), by showing a small envelope icon.

On my other computer I want that, but just can’t find out out to display that.

Can anyone help?

Tools → Options. Under the Preferences tab, click on E-mail Options → Advanced E-mail Options. There’s a check box about middle of the page that says “Show an envelope icon in the notification area” along with other notification options.

Lather → Rinse → Repeat.


hmmm, there is no preference tab :frowning: now I have to hunt it down capture it alive and drag it back into O.E.

This is not going to be fun.

What version of Outlook do you have?

Ugh…I am an idiot. :smack: My sincere apologies.

I was thinking of Outlook and missed that you had said Outlook Express. I have now searched through and been unable to find any such visible notification for Outlook Express, but I’m going to poke around a little longer. In the meantime, what version of OE do you have? And is it the same on both machines?

6.00.2900.2180 is the version that I can’t get this to work.

Not sure of the version of the other computer yet

I have exactly the same version of OE, running on XP Service Pack 2, and it does the email notification without problems. I wonder if perhaps you have the “Hide inactive icons” property checked on the taskbar properties window, and this is making the icon invisible. That’s one possibility, the other is that it’s somehow permanently hidden.

To check that: Right-click the taskbar, click Properties, and then Customize under Notification Area. Scroll down to “You have new email” and set it to “Always Show”. Click your way back through the OK buttons.

OK Found out it was a antispam program that conflicted with that option. I deactivatiated part of the antispam program and it works again.