Outlook Question

I need to create an email mailing list of my myriad business contacts. (no I am not spamming anyone) I know that I can export data from my contacts folder into a spreadsheet but I have niether the time nor the patience nor the disposable staff to enter every single business card that I have into a v-card in my contacts folder. I have however noticed that my outlook “knows” everyone to whom I have ever sent an email, because when I start to type “cec”, for example, it suggests Cecil Adams’ email address to me , as well as others with the same first three letters. It would be an enormous time saver if I could access this cached file of email address and export that! Any ideas? Anything would be sincerely appreciated.

Ask and ye shall recieve:

This was taken from asking outlook how to ‘export address book to a excel file’

Turns out you will be using your word mail merge feature instead of excel…

This is a little unclear. Do you want to email all these people at once or just make a printed list of their names? In either case a distribution list may do what you want. In Outlook 2002 go to Tools|Address Book, then File|New Entry. Select New Distribution List and hit OK. You can then hit the Select Members button to choose the recipients you wish to include. This list can then be printed out.

The next time you want to send a mass email, click the To button and choose that distribution list.

This procedure varies slightly for other versions of Outlook.