Outrageous Religiously Prejudiced Morons... in a Public Office

I think we can all agree that everything that needs to be said has been said, but I’d like to throw in my two cents.

Lee county really is a beautiful place. If you love water and warm weather all year, Lee County is heaven on earth. Sure, it’s got it’s share of “turtle heads” and “crackers”, but hey, it’s the south. You can enjoy the Southern Florida climate without all of the traffic and bullshit of Maimi.

The trend in Florida these days is for counties to make local elections non-partisan. No more D or R after the mayor, county commissioner, sheriff, dog catcher’s etc. name on the ballot. In my county, Orange, this will be the case on the next ballot. This is an covert action by the right wingnuts around here to sneak into local politics (there was a thread about this not too long ago). If you see this happening in your local government, fight it with everything you have, as early as possible!

As far as Jeb Bush ever doing anything about this guy, I’ll believe it when I see it. Jeb’s whole platform was based on bringing school vouchers to our fine state, under the direction of the Baptists, and I doubt he has the balls to stand up to this bible thumper.

It goes to show what can happen when you think you’re too busy to take time and vote.


Therealbubba wrote:

Love water? Bah. I hate water. Never drink it. Never even drink anything made with it. I survive by drinking Everclear, soy sauce, and Wesson oil. They say your body is 80% water? Heck, mine’s 0%, and it’s gonna STAY that way, you hear me!

(Note: Sarcasm in the above post may not be so labelled.)

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Sadly, we have a poster who may qualify as a "prejudiced moron"on this site.

Pickman’s Model claims to be a cop.

A police officier is a man that has been entrusted with the responsibility of using force; possibly lethal force; to enforce the law.

Given the opimions that Pickman’s Model has expressed here in the BBQ Pit about gays & non- christians , I cannot say that I believe that he should be entrusted with this responsibility.
I am a public servant myself, and was elected to the post of County Constable. I have never treated any citizen differently due to his race, religion, or sexual orientation. If I were Pickman’s superior, I would have deep reservations about having this individual in my organisation.

We have met the enemy, and He is Us.–Walt Kelly

Hey, Satan, did those loonies ever respond to your e-mail?