"Ovaltine"! In bright neon in the window of a cafe!

We were watching a movie last night–immaterial which it was, except that it was set in Everett, Washington State. And I was astonished to see that “Ovaltine” was proudly touted by a neon sign in the window of a coffee shop. FTR the time of the movie was supposed to be the present day.

Is this something common in the Northwest? Or is it an example of blatant product placement?. Hmmmmm…Maybe I should have stuck this in Cafe Society after all.

I’ve always thought that Ovaltine was one of the worst brand names in history. What does it mean? There is nothing oval about chocolate. It sounds like a medicine. It’s a horrible name. And honestly, I don’t think it tastes very good either.

Mmmm…Ovaltine… (drool)

Ovaltine is a drink of the gods.

I didn’t see the movie so you’ll have to decide. Was the neon sign perhaps a leftover from a previous era. Was it decoration? It sounds like you believe it was still advertising the product.
There are a lot of places that simply keep their old signs and displays, especially neon. Maybe this was their local version of a Starbucks? :wink:
We’ve got several old places (esp. cafes) that have old neons hanging around.


Originally spelled Ovomaltine for egg-malt (using the Latin ovum for egg) when a Swiss product. Shortened when introduced in Britain

It didn’t look like a ‘leftover’ sign. It was a front-window neon, just like the ones sported by bars that say “Coors” or “Bud”. The cafe looked like an old fashioned coffee shop, somewhat like a Denny’s, only more individual than that.

What I couldn’t believe was that it was presumably being served in a restaurant. The TV commercials always portray it as something given to kids at home.

Ovomaltine?! :smiley: And to think I thought that one could no worse than Ovaltine.

I’ve never noticed ovaltine being advertised in fluorescent lights since living here (Salem, OR area) but I’ve only been here for six months so maybe I’ve just not seen enough of the area yet.

If it’s good enough for Frau Blucher, it’s good enough for me!

Was this the sign?
If so, you are talking about the *Ovaltine Cafe[/] in Vancouver, Canada. It’s on Hastings street. Never been there myself but somebody’ll come along I’m sure that has. :slight_smile:

make that the Ovaltine Cafe’


They didn’t show the sign over the door, but the one in the window looks just like what I saw in the movie. And, like so many of our movies these days, I think the movie I was watching was produced in Canada. (FTR it was Five Days To Midnight).

Far be it from me to disparage Ovaltine. It can’t be too different from the protein-powder additive that put in my milk every morning.

I’ve seen a neon Ovaltine sign in a coffee shop-type establishment right here in Seattle… not here in Ballard, where I live (though it really wouldn’t surprise me, these people keep me on my toes) but it was somewhere near Safeco/Seahawks(erm, Qwest) Stadiums, around those little backstreets - headed in the general direction of the viaduct. I forgot about it, but after seeing the title of this thread, the first thing I thought was “I’ll bet that’s the same sign I saw, let’s see if the OP says it’s in Seattle!” Everett. Eh. Close enough. Is it possible they shot some scenes in Seattle?

Maybe it’s a chain?

Or it could simply be that there is more than one of those signs out there in the world… weirdly. I notice around here that there are some neon signs that are “repeated” - ie: On the Fremont bridge, there is a neon “Rapunzel” sign, a neon female figure with long, neon blond hair, and then there’s a bar along Leary Way, that, when you look inside, you can see had the exact same neon “Rapunzel”. Then, on Leary Way again, there is the Olympic Athletic Club, with it’s neon diver sign… if you continue South on Leary, there’s like… some house, and in the backyard there is this… like… “dump” of stuff, and there’s our friendly little neon diver, tipped on his side. Weird.

Apparently this Ovaltine Cafe in Vancouver is a tourist attraction of sorts. It has been in a few films including I Robot.
I can’t swear to anything yet, but it does appear that the Ovaltine Cafe’s were popular in the 1940’s or so.

The website I linked to earlier claims the one in Vancouver is “unique” in that it is still original. Well, here ya go.

Notice the last line. This implies to me that there were more than one.
The city of Vancouver website has a nice shot of the cafe during the day.

Spectre You also asked: :“Is this something common in the Northwest?”
Used to be common I’d say. I assume this is something the Brits would know more about, since they’re the ones who got the stuff from the Swiss and renamed it.
I don’t know how much this helped answer your question but I learned something today anyway. :slight_smile: