Overcoming a vision problem

When I read an online news article (at, say, The Huffington Post), my eyes are so distracted by the ads on the right side of the page, that I’m almost inexorably drawn to them. I have to concentrate on the story much more so than when I read a regular newspaper article.

Yesterday, I tried hanging a small cloth over the ads, and it worked, but it can be a mild pain in the ass.

I wear glasses.

Question: Can a fix for this eye problem be worked into the lens Rx? For others with the same problem, have you found a different way to solve it?

You could always get Firefox and use Adblock. It makes most ads go away.

Excellent idea!

One caveat…

Download Adblock plus (updated 4/08) at…

…and then subscribe to the free ad blocking service of your choice. After (automatic) installation, restart.

The news article promos still pull my eyes a little, but it’s so nice that the ads have disappeared.

Thanks very much Canadjun!

BTW, I compared my desktop (without Adblock Plus) and my notebook (with A +) to

and the ads are absent - but not, of course, the site’s promos for various articles.

But what about Rx possibilities?


On my notebook, during the adblock plus download, I was presented with various adblocking services to subscribe to. I chose the one for the USA.

But I got no such choice when downloading the software to my desktop

Turns out I had to right-click each Huff ad.

Then after right-clicking I noticed an option at the top of the wee winddow for
“Doubleclick…” etc. Clicked on that and Voila! Ads away!!! At least for the Huff site.

Adblock Plus is the best choice, but another option is to size the window so that it’s just big enough to display the text, and the ads hang off the edge of the scroll bar.

Thank you,