Overcooked Boss!?!

Alright, so i come into work today and their’s a blinding light coming from my boss’s desk. Come to find out it’s her back, I guess she was out working in her garden and now has like 2nd degree sunburn on her back. She’s refusing to go to the doctors, so we’ve been trying to think of some home remedies to help her. Anybody got a suggestion?

Mr. S swears by a vinegar bath for a bad sunburn. Makes you smell funky, but takes the sting out.

I heard that same thing, but not sure if she’ll try it

Aloe vera gel, kept in the fridge.

I’ve heard drink a teaspoon of baking soda in water but the same day you’re burned. It might be too late for this little “remedy,” but hey, it can’t hurt.

I always heard an oatmeal bath works well.

Tea bags…dipped in water and passed over the burn. Feels nice in the shower. Sometimes you get a little dyed i the process so the sunburn looks a little less red. I heard it was the tannic acid that provides relief.

A nice bernaise sauce ought to restore some of her flavor, and it should disguise the toughness from overcooking. Served with steamed vegetables and wild rice, your boss should still be quite tasty.

Failing that, just feed her to the dog.

Moisturiser (one containing Aloe Vera is good); slap it on good and thick, when it soaks in, slap on some more.

I used to get the vinegar bath when I did lobster boy imitations as a kid. It was very soothing, and probably tenderizing as well. Get some fava beans and a nice chianti and enjoy your friends for dinner.

I heard just smacking it helps :stuck_out_tongue:
Try something that won’t dry the skin out any further.