Overweight couples: have you helped each other lose weight?

I’m looking for opinions: is it easier to lose weight together if your SO is also overweight (and is also committed to losing weight) as opposed to doing it on your own?

Well, we’re trying to do that right now. We could both stand to lose a few pounds, and I’ve found it easier to not have an evening munchie if he’s also not having an evening munchie. Likewise, if I get out something to eat, he’s far more likely to take some too. So we’re both trying to cut out the sugar together.

I’ve lost about 5 pounds in the last month, so I guess it’s working. :slight_smile:

Ardred and I are losing weight together right now. It most definitely helps that we’re doing it together.

If I were doing this on my own, I would resent him for eating oreos when I’m having pistachios. I love pistachios, but I would want the oreos… if that makes sense.

We’re both down about 15 pounds. Yay!

I’m trying to lose weight right now and Sternvogel is not. But he’s supportive and makes the foods I can eat (he makes lunch most days) and doesn’t give me the “surely you can have just a little” pressure. I don’t think it would help more if he were also trying.

Coordinated meals are a gret way to get going - plan a menu out for a week or 14 days together, and then stick to it.

The more my SO goes to the gym, the more it encourages me to get active, and vice versa.

But it’s useful to be clear why you want to lose weight - I made sure my SO knew that I thought she was gorgeous whatever shape she is - exercising “for her” made it easier than trying to do it just to make me happy.

I could do with losing a few pounds, but I’ve got more important things to worry about at the moment (money, job, moving out etc). My SO has to make sure she can fit in her bridesmaid’s dress by the end of the month, but she travels a lot and therefore hasn’t been able to get into the routine of going to the gym as much as she’d like. If we both lived together, I imagine it would be easier to motivate one another (and of course, there’s always that 2-person excercise available to you!).

I don’t know these people, but I’ve seen them as I drive home from work - a borderline obese couple, in their forties, jogging through the village together. I feel patronising when I think it, but when I see them I think “good for them, they’ve obviously made decision together to combat it”.

We tried doing a “healthier lifestyle” thing together, and we just ended up aggravating each other. We couldn’t find a way to encourage rather than nag.

He diets his way, I diet my way. Ditto on exercise. Neither of us is the sort that enjoys having a ‘gym buddy’, and I’m much fitter than he is, so we can’t even do things like walk together because I want to go too fast and too far for him. So we just do our own thing. I plan meals and do most of the shopping. There are evenings when he isn’t home, and I’m never home for lunch, but he often is, so we each get to make exactly what we want for some meals each week, and we can usually compromise on the rest.

The only time we tend to clash is when arguing over restruants (“There’s nothing healthy there for me to eat!” “Well, damnit, I want to get some lasagne! Why can’t you just get the ‘Garden Salad’?” “Because their fucking ‘Garden Salad’ is nothing but iceberg lettuce, carrots, and grated American cheese!”), but we always argue about restaurants when we’re not dieting, too.

I’ve done this before. In fact, the time I was successful with WW was the time I was doing it with my then husband. We went to the meetings together, went to the gym together, and cooked healthy stuff. It was great, because there was only healthy food in the house.

At some point though, it became obvious that he was not as committed as I was. So I had to make sure I had my own source of motivation, and my own willpower. Ultimately you have to lose weight on your own, but any amount of support you can get helps.

Oh, yeah. It’s soooo much easier to resist when your partner sees you drooling over the chocolate cake and simply asks you if you have the points free for it.

Oh, yeah. SWMBO and I are both on WeightWatchers, 50 pounds each lost so far. It’s soooo much easier to resist when your partner sees you drooling over the chocolate cake and simply asks you if you have the points free for it.

Crusoe and I are dieting together. I think it does help, though I’m finding it easier than he is. But at least this way I don’t to watch him scoffing chips and beer while I nibble on a salad!

I think we do more damage than good. We sabotage each other’s diets so we don’t feel so bad about cheating!

“Here, honey, have some ice cream!”