own business/working conflicts

I work for an internet service provider, which is owned by a cooperation. This cooperation also has a small computer reapir division, and satelite TV devision. I work for the satelite/internet side. My paycheck is not the same as the reapair guys, but it is still basically the same company. My question is this:

If I started my own computer repair business and operated in my spare time at home. Could they fire me? I’m part ime employed at this company, if that makes a difference. This concerns me a lot, cause I would really like to start my own business, in an area I enjoy, but I don’t want to lose my bread and water if you know what I mean.

They can fire you for whatever reason they want, except for things like racial and sexual discrimination.

Most companies probably wouldn’t fire you for making money on the side, unless you were in direct competition with them.

I ran a family business for almost 40 years. I didn’t get rich but I didn’t kiss ass very much either. But the name of the game there is “risk”. If you aren’t willing to take the risk of going out on your own, you are always going to be working for those who did take the risk.

If I were you I’d try to find some jobs that weren’t “in your face” competitive with them. If they catch you, say you needed the cash (which is true) and you will stop. Chances are good you will keep your job, because they really don’t want you going out and taking business from them. Just remember when you start to grow your own business that you will be training your competition every time you hire someone. Life just isn’t fair.

One thing you might try is asking your superiors about this. They can help define exactly what might be OK and what isn’t. Whereas if the company just finds out what you’re doing you might get canned because you pissed them off. Like friedo said, they can probably fire you for just about any reason they want. Bad breath? Fired. You hum Britney Spears in the lunchroom? Fired. You say “irregardless”? Fired.


I think I am going to go ahead and try it. For one my paycheck is acutally form a sperate company than the repair people. I’ve never been repair trained by this company. I’m not going to go out and start an internet company, that really would piss them off. They do very little repair business, I seriously doubt they would care. They do web design some too, yet they still employ one of the best web designers I’ve seen, and he is not deisgning their websites. He works in the same area I do. Its common knowledge what he does on the side, and nobody seems to care. I will ask my superior about it just to make sure.