Owwwwwwwowowow owowowoowowowowowo!


owwwieowwiowiwosiwowieiwoeioweruwoie, frikin OW!

GAH - teach me to leave the stupid thing on…

Don’t tell me women curl toe hair now…damn…the things you do to impress us guys…


I assume she just has talented Gripper Toes[sup]TM[/sup] and was busy doing something else with her hands…

[sub]like posting: “Owwwwwwwwwwwowowowowowowowowowowo!”[/sub]

alice, just let me know which toe needs to be sucked to make it feel all better…


You did notice that your last post was number 666, didn’t you alice? Perhaps you inadvertently summoned something that you should ought to have? Do you smell burnt flesh or brimstone?

::snif, snif:: I do, actually. Good thing I’m a Succubus…

I would think toe hair should be waxed, not curled.

I’ll get you some ice.

Osiris digs deep into his mind of useless and inane references for something just right

Put some butter on it.

Wow, and I thought I was the only one with toe hair.

Just a tip for styling the tootsie tresses, sweetie: use an eyelash curler – you don’t need to heat it up, and you can still get a nice wave.

And don’t overdo the mousse. A very, very little bit goes a long way. Ditto on the conditioner.

Succubus? I’d have guessed you were a hobbit.

Ok, actually I dropped the curling iron on my toe.

Now there’s a big nasty blister. :frowning:

Serves you right for being barefoot in your bathroom.


::loud brain fart::
We’re so sorry, alice, and we all hope it heals quickly.

You’re right, Lieu. As a woman, Alice should be barefoot in the kitchen. Then this would never have happened.

[sub]I’ll just be leaving now…[/sub]


::wings a hot curling iron at Doctor Jackson::
Damn, he ducked.

Ok, now you hosers are making me laugh so hard, it’s making my toe hurt.

::Cut that out!!::


[sub]thanks guys - burns suck[/sub]

Heh, I have a story for ya. No curling iron involved here, but I actually fell down (ass first) onto an actual iron that was just used and hadn’t been turned off yet.

I had an imprint of that iron on my butt from that damn burn for a few days!

I’m iron-a-phobic now. Won’t go near 'em, I’ve been sufficiently traumatized by them already. :smiley:

Lady Juliet - The video is Buns of Steel, not Iron Butt.

-gasps- Jesus Christ on a stick! Damn, if the OP hadn’t made me shudder enough, you FELL ON ONE? Ahhhh!

I’m never touching any irons every AGAIN!

[sub]-runs away screaming bloody murder-

Could be worse.

I thought you had stumbled onto this story.

As it is, my condolences. I hope your hair is all nice and curly now. And, given the right circumstances, I hope your toes have that special curl to them as well. :slight_smile: