Oz: The Final Act (spoilers)

The last episode of Oz will be played on Sunday. It will be a 100 minute long show, and I’m sure it won’t dissapoint.

During this season, we’ve watched Fontana systematically kill off all of our favorite characters: Peter Schibetta, Kareem Said, Omar White, Enrique Morales, Wolfgang Cutler, David Kirk, among others. For some reason or another, they decide to make Ryan O’Riley the good guy and save his brother from the chair. Of course, Ryan has conspired in the killing of almost every main character since the first murder in Oz, Dino Ortelani. Funny how things work.

So we come into the last episode with a bit of uncertaincy. Itzick (who murdered Said and Omar White) is babbling about the end of the world. He still hasn’t explained why he killed Said. He killed Omar because Omar wouldn’t kill him, because Said told him not to. The Muslims, now led by Zahir, aren’t doing so well after their printing press is torched. The homeboys are starting to deal again (though some of their business was destroyed by the Italians). Burr tells the Italians to rough up his men if they start slingin’ again. A new guy came to Em City and wants to sell some kind of pill. Alvarez wants to get parol, while Beecher is back in jail after getting parol (because of Keller, who befrended Schillinger again). Cyril’s still on death row (good), so maybe he’ll get the chair still.

And the Governor, to cover up his tracks in killing the Mayor, has Warden Glenn killed.
The Final Act should give us a lot of closure, maybe telling us what happens to everyone who survives the last episode. A few conflicts which will be great to see end will be Beecher vs. Schillinger, the (evil) Governor, and Itzick.

And the rest of us have jobs and real lives.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

[sub]I’m taking a shot at the characters on the show and perpetual convicts in general, NOT the OP, by the way.[/sub]