p-bear: where's pipefitter?

I’ll be in UAE (Jebel Ali) next week. I’d like to buy him a beer.

Oh, dear. I can see I haven’t quite made things clear yet. I’ll try again. First of all, pipefitter is an old friend <well, not old, I’ve known him for more than 20yrs>. He is currently living just outside Detroit, Mi.

My hubby, Mr Bear, is in Abu Dhabi, UAE at the moment. I’m sure he’d love to get together with you for a beer or two. But, you guys have to promise to not talk about me, unless it’s something nice.<insert big grin smilie here>

For the record, Vestal Blue is my other ‘old’ friend on this board, and he lives in Idaho, and yes, that is where I’m going this next week, with our kids, to visit him and his family.

Well, e-mail Mr. Bear, give him my e-mail (kalbacss@eisenhower.navy.mil), see what he’s doing either the 15th or 17th. I’ll be in Jebel Ali, but can possibly get to Dubai.

Watch your email for details on meeting.

I do belive I have arranged transportation for the 17. I can meet you at the Hard Rock Cafe say around 1830 local.
Any other doppers out there wanta join us?
Looking forward to meeting you.