the bear has landed

underbear has arrived in philly!!!

what to do???
where to go???
ahhhh, the possibilities…

underbear is waving at ms. ujest

I thought for a minute that I had too much to drink and didn’t remember taking off! :smiley: Think I need more sleep, and least I hope it is my lack of sleep and alcohol consumpution that let me misread this or did my underware go on a trip with out me???

i believe your underware is still with you mr. bear. underbear is a traveling bear with a pair of underware that shirley ujest found vacationing in her home. underbear is going around doperville to see the sights and meet dopers.

would you be able to email me at, mr. bear? i have a question for you regarding purplebear, your email address didn’t work.

I remember reading something about that awhile back. Check your email, and I have updated my profile here as well.