So whatever happened to the UnderBear?

I’m just wondering. Has this become a year-long project?

Last report, UnderBear (or Underwear Bear, depending who you talk to) was with Rocking Chair.

The sordid story of UB begins here.

There are a few other threads - do an “Any Day” search for the keyword “underbear”.

I know all that. It’s just that I’m on the list to tour the him through the Blue Ridge and haven’t heard word.

I’m anxious to do my part!

If anyone comes around who gets the UnderBear, I need my name either removed, or the address changed, since I have moved. If you have it, please e-mail me at for an update.

i mailed underbear to andygirl. i figured her college address had an expiration date. she is taking the bear to meet matt in montreal. underbear is going international!

Somebody around here has a similar project. (Sorry I forgot who) to have her photo sent around the world. Sounds like the really cheap way to travel.

Underbear is in Montreal, after traveling with me all of today. :smiley:

We’re taking it on a tour of the city tomorrow, which is a welcome break from that hectic college lifestyle.

The bear had a very nice time in Montreal, which you can read about at, and will soon be dispatched to Alberta.