Rocking Chair You Totally Rock! (Underwear Bear Update)

Underwear Bear has been on a 10 day cruise, Orlando, Vegas and now Philly.

I received a large box today from Rocking Chair just filled with souveniers (The treasure chest you did was waaaay beyond the call of duty!!) and several rolls of developed film and re-stocked the disposable cameras for the next person on the list. (The picture of UB and the bubble wrap, for some reason, just cracked me up.) Nice view from your office, btw! And is UB even old enough to see *State and Main *? :wink:
Thanks for the little philly zipper pull thing just for *me * !!! It totally made my Month!!
Your participation and generosity in this bear-i-tarian project is outstanding and appreciated!

Screech Owl (Orlando) also has sent me a package of souveniers and a roll of film from the disposal camera to develop, which I will get around too sooner,now that I am properly motivated.

Now I really need to buy a scrap book to get this thing organized.

UB is now on route ( or could possibly be there already) in Dartmouth. I expect to see a mob scene of his/her/it’s arrival on CNN :slight_smile:

wow! a thread with my name.

i thought underbear might be a bit bored while i was at work, although he was a big hit at work, so a little craft project was just the thing. we call it “the wheel of bubble,” a must on any tour. state and main…well, i was ready to cover his eyes if ness.

i wasn’t sure if you would send everything on to the unmentionables owner, so i wanted to be sure you’d have something of your own to remember the tour…

thank you for the op. to host underbear. i had a great time taking underbear about.

UnderBear has arrived at Dartmouth. Sadly, the cameras have left… but expect it to make a big splash. :smiley:

Glad to see UB is on the way again and glad you got the souvenirs. Let me know how the Orlando pictures come out (and Tupperware finally took down the monstrosity, er, “Millenium Sculpture”.

This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. :smiley:

How does one get in on this underwear bear thing? I feel left out. :frowning:

I hope he was more well behaved in philly… Vegas had a bad effect on him. Every night he was bumming money from me only to waist it on booze and gambling or hookers. I had to send him on his way when I caught him shootin’ smack.

Since he’s been gone I’ve notice the silver is missing along with my grandmothers priceless heirlooms she bequithed to me.

Phouka, the sign up sheet for UB was waaaaay back in November, with quite a turn out.

[channeling Thurston Howell the Tres] Everyone who is anyone has signed up [/end TH3)

Chin up, when I get UB back, I just may put him back on the road again, kinda like a presidential campaign. HEYYYYY, now there is an idea! [Dreamy Little Dream] Vote For The Bear! He’s wearing women’s underpants.[/End]

There are about 25 names on the list, so it might be awhile.



::sits and waits patiently::

screech-owl and whammo, your pictures did come out well. there were some on one of the cameras i had developed. i made a copy of the one of ub at gatorworld. it was very funny.


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Sorry to bump this thread, but I didn’t want to start a new one.

Where is Underwear Bear now? Is he still on his journey? Did he ever make it back to your friend? And I still have the little souvineers I got and forgot to send to you (from West Edmonton Mall).