What should I do with this woman's underpants?

They belong to the woman of longest surviving friendship I have. I haven’t seen my friend in 4 years and she was only here for about 12 hours at my house with her three kids and husband while on route during a driving vacation from California to Michigan and a jillion points in between. It was frenzied during her time. They were tired from the road. so we didn’t really talk like we wanted, but it was a connection.

She managed to forget her underpants and socks, which are now in the washer. I want to send them back to her, but do a gag gift. They are not Victoria’s Secret. They are like your mom’s or grannies underpants. My friend, after three kids and pear-shaped genetics what they are…well, you get the picture.
I was thinking of using heavy starch on them to see if I could make them stiff like cardboard and mailing them back to her like a postcard.

I am open for suggestions.

As you sit there in your tiny cubicles on Friday, sipping coffee to stay awake while desperately trying to look busy to avoid more work that will FUBAR your day into overtime, think about my dilemma.

Write funny messages about her ex-boyfriends on them and mail them back to her explaining the gag.

or else write some famous quotes that normally wouldn’t appear on a pair of apple catchers.

Stuff them with cotton and sew them up like a pillow!

Take them with you on a few trips and take photos of the underwear travelling around- send postcards from the underwear.

Well, I know what I’d do with 'em. - {lecherous laugh}

Sweet Christ, I can’t believe I just wrote that.


Remember the stuffed animal that made its way around the world?

Here’s what you do:

Take a picture with the underpants. Feature a local landmark. Mail them to another doper. Me, for instance. I would then take a picture of me and the panties in front of Mile High Stadium. Then, I mail the picture and the panties to someone else. Eventually, send the panties and the pictures to the friend.

Hilarity will ensue.

Thanks for the idea, Zette!

I am not even going to try to top Mr. Cynical’s idea. Beautiful. I will volunteer to be a part of it. How about the panties visiting the Windsor Casino? Or the Detroit Renaissance Center?

I meant the combination of Zette and Mr. C’s idea, of course.

[sub]sorry Zette![/sub]

Sell them on ebay and send her the money! Some chick just sold her undies online for $10,000!!!


A girl

I love MrC’s idea…

If we time it right I can get a picture of them running the Boston marathon.

Put them on a Teddy Bear. :slight_smile:

In fact, I would go so far as to take a picture of me wearing them. Outside my clothes, of course.

And, if I can pull it off, I would do it at a Denver Broncos game :smiley:

I can get them in front of the Golden Dome at Notre Dame. I’m now going to enable my e-mail in my profile. This will work, Shirley, and it will be sweet.

gee, I was gonna suggest folding them like linen napkins in a fancy restaurant. How boring am I??

<sighs, walks away in search of a life>

I just looked. Who the hell would pay $10,100 on a pair of used panties. I wonder what people would pay for a pair of used boxers. I’m going commando now, so maybe I can auction off my pants.

I think I’m going to leave now.

For that price, they should show up with the girl still in them.

I’m with Mr C and KK.

I hereby volunteer to take said skivvies and photograph them hiking on the O so wonderous Appalachian Trail at the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I can even take a photo of the shorts straddling the Virginia and West Virginia border!

Just let me know…

I would be happy to volunteer to take a Seattle photo of the panties. What do you think? The Space Needle? Mt. Rainier?

I think Whammo should volunteer and have a picture with those undies outside a wedding chapel in Vegas.

One of our New Yorkers could have a picture with them taken on a ferry with the Statue of Liberty in the background.

An LA Doper in front of Disneyland or that big giant hot dog building.

An Atlanta doper with them at Olympic Park.

I could do that with a picture of them with Pikes Peak but Mr. Cynical only lives an hour from me…

I’m in… get them to Edmonton and I will see if I can fit them to the statue of Gretzky in front of the SkyReach Centre formerly known as the Coliseum.

Me, too!
How about Shasta Dam? Maybe a houseboat trip on Lake Shasta? I work at the Post Office, maybe we can use that somehow.