PA Residents: Vehicle Tag Stores?

I travel through PA a lot, and I have noticed there are stores that sell vehicle registrations? Or, they sell the stickers which validate the license plates, or the plates themselves, I wager? What the heck? When did the Dept of Motor Vehicles get privatized in PA? I guess I’m misunderstanding something here, so I was hoping a PA SDoper could set me straight. What’s it all about?
Thanks! - Jinx

Essentially, they are messenger services that charge a fee to carry the forms and deliver the plates. I live near Harrisburg, so I use the PennDOT building by the river.

How long this has been going on, I can’t say. I’m still new to the area.

I’ve been here since '91 and they had the “tag office” system then. I tried to switch my registration over from CA to PA using a tag office when I first moved to Philly. I think I ended up dealing with Harrisburg myself because the tag office just couldn’t seem to get the paperwork done. I had to take a written test to get a PA drivers license and that was done at State Police HQ in Fairmount Park. There don’t seem to be branch DMV offices here in PA.

Well, I grew up in Philly and there were these “expiditing services” even then, although they weren’t called tag stores. They were often associated with check cashing services, notaries public and the like. And I took my first driver’s test in Fairmount Park in 1954, so it doesn’t sound like much has changed in nearly 50 years.

Long time Philly resident here, those places have been around for at least 20 years or so, and it is just as everyone described, a messenger service. Some guy drives to Harrisburg every morning and drops off/picks up registration stuff. But don’t get me started on the stupid vehicle registration laws in this state, its almost as if they don’t want anyone to drive.