Pacifiers for Teens?

What is it with the teens these days? Now and then downtown I see a teen (always a male, it seems) with a baby pacifier in his mouth. Is this some new fad, or is it an initiation trial of some sort? :confused:

Ecstasy. The drug causes tooth grinding and the pacifiers alleviate that problem.

Some kids get hooked on the whole experience and report feeling lost without the pacifier, others are just signaling their membership in this happy little club.

That could explain the spaced-out look on the last guy I saw with one, sitting on the bus and listening to his iPod.

And while Mr Moto has given the explanation for how it started (one I had also heard), I’ve seen magazines where it’s “something that the cool kids do” with apparently no clue that it originated with Ecstasy use. Just to avoid a leap to conclusions (“use of pacifier = use of ecstsay”), it may be the typical teen jump-on-the-bandwagon behavior as well.

Jesus Christ, you’ve got to be kidding! I’d just tolerate the damn teeth grinding. I put the pacifier thing in the same stupidity category as pants hung below your ass.

Seems like the usual teen thing: annoy the adults.:rolleyes:

I dont’ think it’s only Ecstasy, because I saw it with some teens as a fad in the 80s already. Neon-coloured pacifiers made from hard plastic (so no real sucking) in different sizes, worn on cords on the backpack or around the neck etc.

There’s also a candy that looks like a pacifier. One of my cousin’s friends liked them a lot. It doesn’t help that it fit her persona of acting a young child which actually seemed to help her pick up guys.

Has this become a trend AGAIN? That’d make the third time in my lifetime, and I’m only 33.

No kidding – some of the characters were sucking on pacifiers in 1991’s Boyz in tha Hood.

The late 80s was THE time of xtc. I don’t think the current fad has anything to do with it, though.