problem with babyish habits

I am 22 and I have a skeleton that is just plain well to me I don’t see anything wrong with it except I’m a boy now the thing is I suck a pacifier a baby pacifier when ever I’m upset or sleepy or bored or just feeling depressed another thing is I also have a very good imagination so one day I got on the computer and found pictures of girls sucking their thumb and sucking pacifiers and I act like those girls are actually here in my room staying with me and I also have Stephanie and Kris from red jacket and I’ve got you know all the power ranger teams here as well and sometimes I wonder if I look weird to my family when I do that or when I’m using my pacifier does it embarrass them I don’t do this in public I only do it at home the weirdest part of it if I see another baby with a pacifier I get jealous and to me that’s funny my thing is I don’t want this to stay with me forever because I would like to meet a girl and get married and have kids you know so if anybody could comment on this please do and another thing is you ever heard of a boy liking a girl 22 -29 that snores or likes stuffed animals a girly girl

I suggest you look up Infantilism

Then look up “Periods and Commas: How and When to Use Them.”

You might find the entry on maturity more helpful - -

You will probably need some professional help. I guess the first step is to recognise that you have a problem:)

Smoke cigarettes. Be a man.

Punctuate, or go back to Yahoo! Answers.

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look the things I read I this is better than that because 1 I’m a Christian
2. my parents would kick me out
3. possible amputee if I do get hooked on them
4. holes in my throat and stomach
5. cancer
6. lungs destroyed
and plus parents will kick me out
so thanks but that’s not helpful to say to somebody I do thank you for the answer though it was a nice try

The inherent dangers of cigarettes were the exact impetus behind my recommendation.

1 I’m a Christian

Not sure what that has to do with anything.

2. my parents would kick me out

You’re 22. You are, technically, an adult. Get a job and move out. Your other problems will probably take care of themselves. Even if they don’t, getting a job and being self-sufficient is a big step in the right direction.

3. possible amputee if I do get hooked on them

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

**4. holes in my throat and stomach
5. cancer
6. lungs destroyed **

Yes, these are the inherent dangers of smoking. I don’t think drastic_quench was being serious.

I was told that could be that at one point but it just never sets right with me cause I’m a boy now girls can get away with it thumb sucking or a Sippy cup or a pacifier even sleeping while thumb sucking or with a stuffed animal or even a pacifier but a boy nope not even going to give him a chance but girls are so easy to get away with it and it just so happens its me and sometimes I love it and sometimes I wonder if it embarrasses my parents and my brother because they know I do it and I only do it in my room at home but I just wish I had a girl that knew what I was going through like somebody who is like me

Well, it’s a good thing that they have the internet on computers now. Your chance of finding a girl like you would be nil twenty years ago. Good luck.

What does being a boy have to do with it? (That being said, I’ve never heard it to be commonplace for 22 y/o girls to suck on pacifiers, thumbs, etc., outside of raves and the sort.)

Where did you learn that piece of information?

I think the best possible response to this OP would be to just repeat this paragraph over and over and over again, ignoring everything else.

not 22 year olds but maybe 21 or 20 and when I was in elementary school I saw a girl doing it in the 5th grade and also another girl that was 15 or 16 when I went to stay with a friend for a few years she did in her sleep and then I moved again and saw a 15 - 16 year old who use to do it and then when I came home and started school high school I saw a senior doing it I saw a sophomore with a Sippy cup and she would use it then had couple more sophomore doing it and then as time went on I saw more girls doing it and now I’m 22 I haven’t seen anything lately but I’m wishing to find somebody a little like I want

Adult thumb sucking (or finger sucking) is more common than most people probably realize, because we don’t talk about it. I’ve seen estimates at 10 to 20% of adults thumb sucking. I suspect pacifiers are less common, but it’s basically the same habit. So if it helps to know you’re not alone, then you’re not alone. But yes, it is off putting and embarrassing to those around you who are seeing you do it. So if that bothers you, then stop.

You can goggle tips on how, and basically, stop smoking techniques translate nicely to stopping pacifier use, as well. The biggest step is deciding it’s time. Then I suggest keeping a log of when you suck and why. Is it when you’re bored? When you’re thinking hard or studying? When you’re worried? Then find other things you can do to fulfill those needs instead, like calling a friend, finding something to do, writing sad poetry… whatever works for you.

well let me say this I have certain problems that keep me from living on my own I do however pay rent with my social security disability to my parents now I’m 22 and if I could I would move out one problem I lost my job I got fired because I damaged property after one of my mangers pissed me off the only reason I’m not in jail is because of my job coach who helped me get the job in the first place and plus a medical condition that won’t let me drive so again if I could I would but I can’t

Of course, if you don’t want to quit, that’s okay too. There’s nothing dangerous about it. The risks of dental problems are way overstated, in adults. Will you probably need to hide it to find a girlfriend? Yeah. But then, there are lots of people with unusual tastes out there, too. The chances of finding someone who is into it are not zero, they’re just not real great. But I’m sure you can find a website or message board out there somewhere devoted to adult thumb/finger/paci suckers and helping them connect. The Internet is a big place, and wonderful at bringing people with unusual hobbies and kinks together.

So, that’s why you can’t use sentences?

I suspect his point is that girls are less likely to be regarded with suspicion for engaging in cute/juvenile behaviors like thumb-sucking or using a sippy cup.

To the OP:
Get yourself over to You’ll find a very supportive community of like-minded folks who have some of the same interests/issues as you, and can probably offer a lot of helpful advice.

My own advice, not quite related to that:
Your posts are very difficult to read because of the total lack of punctuation, and that makes it difficult for people to take you seriously. You’re young, so you’ve still got time to change your habits; learn to use at least some punctuation in your internet posts, and you’ll probably find that people are a lot more interested in offering help with whatever it is you’re writing about.

Good luck to you.

Redranger, you might try Fetlife or Collarme. Fetlife has groups (search on pacifier or age play) and Collarme has a message board for posting questions. Both are free and might be more suitable than here, especially if you are trying to find women with similar interests. As mentioned, you will do best if you start using punctuation.