problem with babyish habits

This is creepy.

You haven’t surfed the Internet long enough. :smiley:

Seriously, many things humans do might be considered creepy by other humans. But he’s not hurting anyone, and he’s doing it in private. If it bothers HIM, he should probably seek therapy. If it’s a fetish he enjoys, well, he can most likely find others who share it if he’s willing to put out the effort.

To each his own. Life is a playground and there are toys for all. :slight_smile:

You’re not a boy, you’re a man. Suck your thumb or don’t suck your thumb, first recognize the fact that you’re no longer a child. And when you realize that, maybe it’ll help with the infantilism issue.

And for God’s sake, USE PUNCTUATION!


So, in summary: you suck, everyone knows you suck, and you hope that one day you’ll stop sucking?

Yes. :frowning:

Oh wait. You weren’t talking to me…


A CamelBak water bottle is pretty much like a sippy cup that you can use in public without people thinking you’re creepy. But maybe you wouldn’t like that because it’s not really a baby product, I don’t know. I use baby spoons for stuff like ice cream and yogurt, but I don’t get off on them being baby spoons, that’s just the size spoon I want. Your deal might be different…

Let me offer the following…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ; -

Please use where appropriate.

I know that this doesn’t address your original post in any way. I just can’t get past the lack of punctuation.

The OP is from Louisiana so I’m guessing he’s not the guy I saw a few years back on a Metro train sucking a pacifier.

This thread may be of interest to you…

I think your grammar is more shocking than your habit.

Is anybody buying this?

Why not? Look around on the interwebz; there are plenty of people who derive sexual and/or nonsexual satisfaction from engaging in childish/infantile play.

Or is there some particular cue in the OP’s material that leads you to think we’re all being whooshed?

Dunno. Just seems oddly familiar in both style and content.

God, you’re so cynical. There are people out there with real problems, mangy, and word has gotten out that we’re the go-to crew for life counseling and soft, cry-ready shoulders. No judgements, no doubts, no filters, just good, solid advice from people who’ve been there. Or at least read about it somewhere.

I’m praying to you… look in your heart!

…or yelling, yelling always works, yah?

Takes just as long to craft a snarky reply as a genuine one. Even if this kid does live under a bridge, what’s the harm in being kind? Oh no, I might get fooled?! Someone might be laughing at the responses and high fiving his friends. So what? And someone who is genuinely concerned but too embarrassed to ask may google the question and find actual help here, so there’s that.

I wholeheartedly agree, and in fact came in to give much the same response as you did initially. If it’s a troll, he gets a free laugh. But if it’s really somebody in pain, unkind remarks are the last thing needed.

BF by me. I’m glad you added that last part. If you hadn’t, you’d owe me a new keyboard and monitor. :cool:

Redranger, I have a friend with a high level autistic 9 year old daughter. She has a tendency to need to chew things. To keep from harming her fingers, lips, or tongue, her parents keep her supplied with pocket sized chew items she can safely chew on to get it out of her system.

You mentioned that you’re on disability and that you have a Job Counselor. Are you seeing a physician or counselor for your issues that have you on disability? If you are, you should bring this pacifier issue up with him/her. And maybe keep an eye out for a more socially acceptable substitute for a pacifier. Perhaps sugar free hard candies or maybe a e-cigarette? You don’t need the nicotine cartridges, you can get plain water vapor cartridges for them.

Oh, and I don’t think anyone else has said this to you; welcome to the Dope. And I agree, using punctuation and paragraphs would make your postings here easier for us to read and understand and as a result, you’d get less people criticizing your posts.

I’m not cynical enough. That’s my problem.