Pair Up Presidential Candidates as Running Mates. 2016 Candidates ONLY!

There have been threads about who Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump may choose as vice president on their tickets. I thought it be interesting to speculate which candiadtes may team up with other fellow 2016 runners as running mates in the event of getting their party’s nomination.

It has happened before, opponents team up on a party ticket. John Kerry and John Edwards in 2004, and Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush in 1980.

This thread will remain simple in that we are teaming potential tickets involving only those running in the 2016 elections, NOT OUTSIDE POLITICIANS. Candidates who dropped out can be paired along with those obviously still running.

On the democratic side there is only two running, do you think Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton could choose the other as a VP?

The GOP have potentially have many more possibilities by virtue of the amount of folks running.

So which pairings do you see?

For me Donald Trump could choose Marco Rubio as a running mate, he will have a much younger candidate on his team, a politician who will balance out Trump’s non politician status. Rubio being Latino would also help, Trump will point out that he has nothing against Hispanics only illegal immigrants and things along those lines. Both would be moderate Republicans, not too far into the right.

Believe it or not I could see a Trump-Cruz ticket, Trump would moderate his message and attract undecided voters, more Democrats who dislike Hillary who initially wanted Sanders but vote for Trump in case he does not become the nominee. Cruz will provide the more conservative side of the ticket, attracting evangelicals. I think lots of balancing out for running mates are overrated, age is important, Cruz will be the young to Trump’s old. Cruz will also balance out Trump’s non politician status. Geography no longer matters I would personally argue, but for those who disagree, Cruz’s base is from Texas which balances well with the New Yorker Trump. Nevermind the irony that Donald chose in the end a Latino born outside the United States.

I could list many more, but I won’t because I want to other hypothetical pairings. Will mention that Ben Carson is unlikely to be chosen by any of the others as a running mate, especially Donald Trump. You can’t have two outsiders on a ticket.

Rubio + Kasich.
Young guy + old guy.
Exciting (sort of) + boring.
Ethnic + white.
Florida + Ohio.

Exactly the pairing I was going to mention and add Legislator + Executive and Conservative + Moderate. Rubio is probably the 2nd most conservative candidate behind Cruz, I think the tea partiers could live with him. This may be the GOP’s most dangerous pairing to Democrats because of the perfect mix of all of the above, most notably the 2 swing states represented.